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Charles W. Winwood

Charles Winwood is currently a senior consultant on border security and enforcement. He was Senior Vice President, Border Security from May 2002 until April 2006 at STTAS's (Sandler & Travis Trade Advisory Services) Washington, D.C. office. A 30-year Customs Service veteran, he joined the firm after holding numerous positions in the agency, including Deputy Commissioner, Acting Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner for the Offices of Field Operations, Strategic Trade, and Inspection and Control. Mr. Winwood is highly regarded for his leadership in the creation of Customs Risk Management Program, which was adopted by the World Customs Organization.

Mr. Winwood was Deputy Commissioner at the US Customs Service from February 2000 - May 2002, providing direction for Customs day-to-day enforcement of criminal and smuggling laws, trade programs and passenger operations, including the enforcement of laws and international agreements, collection of $20 billion annually in revenue, and processing of more than 450 million travelers and 24 million commercial cargo entries valued at $1.2 trillion. He was Acting Commissioner from January 2001 - September 2001 and led the U.S. Customs Service. He directed national policies and plans for worldwide Customs issues of major international significance and formulated legislative proposals and regulations to effectively execute the functions and responsibilities of the Service. From February 1999 to February 2000 Mr. Winwood was Assistant Commissioner, Field Operations. As the Chief Executive of the Office of Field Operations, the largest component of Customs consisting of more than 12,000 employees and an annual budget of $900+ million, he directed national and international enforcement and compliance-related programs, including trade programs, outbound interdiction of illicit monetary instruments, passenger processes, laboratory services, anti-smuggling and canine enforcement programs, and he provided executive oversight for 20 customs Management Centers and 301 air, sea and land ports.

Some of the awards he has received include Presidential Rank Award for Distinguished Executives (2000), Commissioners's Unit Citation, Office of Strategic Trade (1998), Meritorious Executive Presidential Rank Award (1995 and 1990), Distinguished Service Award (1995), Federal Executive of the Year Award (1994), Federal Computer Week Federal 100 Award (1994), and Decorated Combat Veteran - Republic of Vietnam, United States Army (1970). Mr. Winwood has a Master's Degree in Management and Public Administration from Florida International University, and a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.