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Type: IDIQ, Multiple Award Contract
Prime Contract Administered By: DSA, Inc.
Intended Client: Department of Defense and other Federal agencies

As a member of TeamDSA, Sentrillion is a first-tier subcontractor for the ENCORE II program, an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract issued by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) with a $12.225 billion ceiling. The ENCORE II program provides global net-centric capabilities, attributes, and services to the United States military services, the Department of Defense, and other Federal agencies. ENCORE II has a ten year contract term, with a five-year base period and five one-year option periods.

ENCORE II provides a vehicle for technical solutions in support of the military services’ and Department of Defense’s migration to an integrated and interoperable Global Information Grid (GIG) and to other Federal agencies having similar Information Technology migration and integration needs. Through the ENCORE II program, Sentrillion holds an entryway to the military services and civilian agencies to provide solutions within twenty task areas.

Task Areas

  • TA1: Enterprise IT Policy/Planning
  • TA2: Integrated Solutions Management
  • TA3: Performance Benchmarking
  • TA4: Business Process Reengineering
  • TA5: Requirements Analysis
  • TA6: Market Research
  • TA7: Information/Knowledge Engineering
  • TA8: Application Development
  • TA9: Product Integration
  • TA10: Test & Evaluation
  • TA11: Asset Management
  • TA12: Communications Engineering
  • TA13: Security Engineering (CA)
  • TA14: Telecommunications Support
  • TA15: Computer-Telephony Integration
  • TA16: Web Services
  • TA17: Operations Support
  • TA18: Hardware
  • TA19: Software
  • TA20: Managed Services