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Physical Security

Comprised of well-educated and highly competent engineers, programmers, technicians, managers, and systems administrators; Sentrillion offers professional and skilled systems integration support for total network physical security solutions. Sentrillion’s physical security products and services focus on the implementation of total security management solutions in the areas of: intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance technology; chemical, biological, and nuclear services; systems engineering services; intelligent transportation and traffic management systems; communications systems; and management of enterprise-level systems deployment, facilities, operations, maintenance, and training.

Our range of expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Access Control

We recognize the importance of complete access management solutions. We understand that customers need a solution that gives them real-time information and integrates the diverse data and information sources both within and outside their facility. Sentrillion helps customers take advantage of the latest access control technology, to help ensure that only the right people can gain access to their facility. We provide our customer base with cutting-edge, state-of- the-art access control hardware and software that delivers maximum protection, versatility, simple operation, and cost efficiency – whether it’s a standalone system or any number of intelligent system controllers. Our solutions are robust and reliable – and they are very flexible, easy to install, use, and maintain. All of our solutions are both integratable and scalable, which means it is easy to modify or expand the system at any time to meet changing needs.

Intrusion Detection

When it comes to intrusion detection solutions (IDS) each customer has its own unique set of challenges but one common need — to keep its people safe and its property and data secure, while maintaining the highest possible return on investment. Sentrillion remains constantly on the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, always seeking out and offering the most innovative solutions to increasingly complex security challenges. Sentrillion has a wide range of highly rated software and hardware solutions, from basic IDS to complete facility security management to advanced beyond-the-perimeter security hardware.

Video Surveillance

Sentrillion’s Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) solutions are efficient and effective. We develop custom solutions that contain the industry’s most respected product offering of cameras (analog and IP) and enclosures, next-generation digital video recorders, full HD LCD displays, video matrix and management systems, and fiber optic transmission systems for video/data – and much more. Sentrillion network video solutions provide an easy way to capture and distribute high quality video over any kind of IP network or the Internet. The video can be stored at remote locations for convenience and security, and the information can be transported over the LAN/WAN or Internet.

Facility Hardening

Sentrillion provides tiered defense systems to customers by installing security gates, barriers, bollards and lighting solutions. When combined with Sentrillion’s intelligent video surveillance solution, these infrastructure improvements provide a layered defense against unauthorized entry. Mechanized gates provide one mechanism for facility hardening which augments Sentrillion’s total security solutions. Bollards provide a second tier of facility hardening. Custom, site-specific lighting is the third tier of facility hardening, providing for enhanced personnel safety, as well as improved video surveillance capabilities on-site.

Visit our Full Lifecycle Services page for additional information about how we integrate our physical security solutions into our services.

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